Directors Message

It is an Honour and pleasure for me to work as a Managing Director of a company which started its work with Education.

From Managing Director’s Desk!

Abdul Khaliq
Abdul Khaliq Managing Director MMIE

 As main focus of the company will be on Education Sector. Although this company spread its wings through different sectors. Our Main focus will be to make the institute fit for the students instead of making the student fit for the Institute. At the desk where I sit, I have learned one great truth, the truth is: The answer for our entire world level problems, or national level problems or the answer for all State Level problems, it is really a single word that is “Education”. The objective of the education is to prepare the young to educate themselves, exploring all round goals, Enhancing Creativity and their talent & achieving the heights throughout their lives. We choose computer education as it is known to everybody that what so ever field of knowledge it may be, nothing can be achieved without the knowledge of latest information technology.
I invite you to visit our office and explore the path to development & prosperity. Our dedicated faculty, staff and administrators look forward to offering you a variety of opportunities that will empower you to become productive and committed citizen ready to meet your educational and career goals. I welcome to all of you who are linked with us directly or indirectly and for that we have a great pleasure. We are sure that skills you receive after completion of your course here will further improve your knowledge and improves your career.

 Abdul Khaliq Dar

Managing Director