Six Months Course in Computer Hardware & Maintenance


Background:             For any Govt. employment in J &K, the Services Selection Board and other Recruitment Agencies approve any Six Months certificate course done through any recognized institute. NIELIT at present does not offer any six months training program. The courses offered so far are either of one year duration or of 80 Hrs / 40 Hrs duration.

Scope:                        J&K State has a population of over 1.24 Cr, with a literacy rate of around 68.74 %, of which around 10% are unemployed. J&K has the highest number of Accredited Centres among Northern India, both at Block and Tehsil Level, offering a broad base for training of such candidates at district and block levels.

Scheme:                     The Courses will be run through Accredited Centre’s of NIELIT. The registration, Examination and Certification will be done by NIELIT Regional Centre.

Duration                     Six months @ 2 hrs per day, six days a week.

M-IV:   Six Months Course in Computer Hardware & Maintenance

  • Assembled & Dissembled the computers installing the peripherals devices
  • Repair of Computer upto Card label
  • Install different software of computers
  • Data recovery
  • Maintenance & formatting the computers
  • Password breaking
  • Protect the computer from virus


 Types of Mobile Handsets

Introduction to Mobile Phone Technology, Concept of Mobile Phone
Types of Mobile Phone Technology,1st Generation, 2nd Generation Technology
3rd Generation , 4th Generation   Technology, Introduction to the GSM standard
Architecture of the GSM network
Concept of Cellular Network, Communication Through Cellular Network
Introduction to the CDMA standard

 Working principle

Basic concept of mobile network
Basic Unit, Mobile Network Capabilities
Mobile unit, Cellular Telephone Unit
Mobile Switching Centre, Call Processing, Operation and Maintenance Support
Home area and Roaming, Handoff
Description of Mobile set, Basic CKT Board
  1. Components used in Mobile handsets such as SIM Card, Battery, Memory


SMD Components, SIM card, SIM card socket, switch
Antenna Interface, N/W IC
Speech IC, Power IC
Power amplifier module, CPU, RAM
LCD Module, Speaker
Microphone, Battery, Battery Charger                                                                                                                            
  1. Tools and equipments use for Repairing and maintenance of Mobile


Screw Driver Set for mobile phone
Tweezers, Different Types of Tweezers, Nose Pliers
Microwatt soldering station
Hot air gun, Multimeter
Liquid solder pest, Magnifying Lamp and Measuring Tools
Brush, CRO, Nipper
  1. Software applications for troubleshooting of Mobile sets.
Flashing, Full Flash, Partial Flash, Flash Software for different mobiles, flash cables
Mobile Sets Formatting, Storage Card Formatting
Unloading, Use of Secrete Codes
Downloading Mobile Software, downloading utilities
  1. Troubleshooting techniques regarding display, transmission, reception,

volume control, charger, Battery etc.                                                          

Troubleshooting through circuit diagram, working on SMD/BGA ICs and the PCB
Transmission: Antenna, RF Power amplifier
Transmitter filter, Audio IC, Microphone
Reception: Antenna, RF Power amplifier
local Oscillator, Audio IC, Speaker
Charger: connecting lead of Battery charger
Charging I/P of mobile set, Battery charger circuit
Charging control/ Power IC